Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in the UK

The UK is one of the world’s most economically developed countries, home to many crypto enthusiasts. As a result, many large and small organizations are seeking to work here legally to develop and attract more customers. Crypto license in the UK is advisory. However, most companies seek to obtain a work permit here, as this provides additional benefits.

How is cryptocurrency activity controlled in the UK?

It cannot be said that today in the UK, there are stable, well-thought-out rules for regulating the crypto industry, but specific steps have already been taken in this direction. Crypto organizations are regulated by the AML/CFT law, which means that they must comply with the requirement to comply with the money laundering prevention policy. All crypto companies can optionally register with the FCA. As already mentioned, a crypto exchange license in the UK is advisory, but the Innovation Hub platform has been created, where owners of crypto organizations can receive legal support. However, all organizations that profit from the crypto industry must pay taxes and file reports with regulatory authorities.

Why get a license if it is a recommendation?

Many are wondering why many seek to obtain a license, although this is recommendatory. The answer to this question is quite simple. The UK issues respectable licenses that allow you to work legally in several jurisdictions. In addition, many scammers are on the market now, so the easiest way to prove to clients and investors that you are ready to work honestly and openly is to pass the test and get a license. Thus, having a license from this jurisdiction is a matter of reputation. With such a license, it will be much easier for you to earn respect from customers and investors. In addition, having a license in this jurisdiction will make it much easier for you to expand markets and obtain permission to work in other countries. Your business will become more scalable.

Types of license

Today there are a considerable number of types of crypto organizations. This industry has appeared relatively recently, so there are new and new opportunities for development. This jurisdiction provides 2 types of licenses:
  • For crypto exchanges;
  • For electronic wallets.
The choice of a crypto license depends on the type of activity of your company. So, if you receive income from currency exchange, you need permission for exchanges, but if you store assets and charge for them, you need permission for electronic wallets. It makes sense to obtain a license for both services if you provide both services. If you need help figuring out what type of licenses you need, you can contact the specialists of your company for assistance. They will study the activities of your organization and answer possible questions.

UK Cryptocurrency Permit Requirements

You can obtain a crypto license in Britain if your company meets the state regulator’s requirements. It is worth saying that if you are ready to work honestly and openly, problems with obtaining a work permit will not be complex.

The organization must be registered in that jurisdiction

You need to create a company, consider the name and business model, what services you will provide, and much more. It would be best if you also developed software that will serve customers. After registering a company here, you can start working and must pay taxes.

Office in the state

A cryptocurrency exchange license in the UK requires you to have an office in that jurisdiction. You must conduct your business and keep the necessary documents for all payments and other financial transactions.

Local staff

The director and security officer of your organization must be people with local citizenship. In addition, all members of the board of directors must have experience in the relevant position and specialized education. The choice of the management team must be approached very responsibly, as these people must have an excellent reputation and must not be associated with fraud in the past.

No requirements for authorized capital

Both large corporations and small startups can obtain a work permit here. No share capital requirements exist, but this size should be consistent with your business plan. In general, for your cryptocurrency exchange in the UK to obtain a work permit, you must prove that your business model is viable, you will be able to overcome money laundering, and you will be able to run the company you created successfully.

Taxation of crypto activities in the UK

Every company that operates in the territory of this jurisdiction must pay taxes. As for crypto organizations, they must pay 2 types of taxes – corporate tax and value-added tax. It is worth saying that the tax rates in this jurisdiction are among the lowest in Europe, which makes this jurisdiction even more attractive. If you want to know what kind of tax you need to pay, given your organization’s activities, it is worth contacting the specialists of our company.

Deadlines for obtaining a crypto license in the UK

Obtaining a crypto license in this jurisdiction can take 3 to 6 months, depending on how correctly you prepared the necessary documents and ensured that your company meets all the regulator’s requirements.

To speed up obtaining a work permit, contact our specialists for help. They can do all the necessary work for you and tell you what aspects to pay special attention to

Benefits of this jurisdictionding

Britain was one of the first countries in Europe to announce its support for the crypto industry. While other countries thought about a complete ban on such assets, the UK tried to create the most favorable conditions for developing this industry. It has led to the fact that many exchanges and wallets operate in the country, many companies accept crypto assets as a means of payment for their goods and services, and the number of crypto enthusiasts is snowballing. Among the essential advantages of this jurisdiction are the following:
  • Low taxation;
  • Simple industry regulation rules;
  • Lack of strict requirements for applicants;
  • Excellent investment climate;
  • Developed economy.
Over the past few years, London has become the natural capital of the crypto industry. It hosts the most significant number of events dedicated to this topic. As a result, finding new clients and investors will be easy. All conditions are created here so your business can quickly and successfully develop.

Services of our company

Obtaining a license is a complex process that requires a certain amount of knowledge and skills. Even though the licensing rules seem simple at first glance, you will most likely fail if you decide to do it yourself. You should contact our specialists if you want the licensing process to be easy and without any problems. The list of the most popular services includes:
  • Consultation;
  • Assistance in the collection and verification of the necessary documents;
  • Verification of the company’s compliance with state authorities;
  • Office search;
  • Help in finding employees.
Both residents and non-residents of the country can obtain a license. But it would help if you had an office in that jurisdiction and local staff. If you turn to our specialists for help, you do not need to come to London personally. You can send all the necessary documents by mail or the Internet, and our specialists will do the rest of the work for you. If you want to save money, you can take on several responsibilities. For example, you can independently search for an office and employees.


If you want your business to grow successfully in one of the most developed countries in the world, we advise you to get a license. It will allow you to work in different jurisdictions, attract new clients and investors, and actively improve. The specialists of our company will try to do everything to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain a work permit.


Yes, you can legally use crypto assets to pay for goods and services, trade, and mine.

The presence of a license is advisory, so there is no need to obtain a work permit here. But, you must register a company and pay taxes

Yes, if you want to profit from a crypto business, you must pay taxes.

No, the country’s government did not impose a ban on crypto assets; you can use this to achieve your goals.